Market Wrap: Bitcoin Trudges Past $11.7K as DeFi Lending Rates Gyrate

    Bitcoin’s price is trending up. Meanwhile, interest rates for lending crypto in DeFi are still unpredictable. Go to Source

    DeFi Traders Are Gaming Ethereum for Higher Profits, Researchers Say

    DeFi trading bots create "walls of executions," resulting in higher rewards for Ethereum miners, higher profits for traders and higher fees for everyone. Go to...

    Two Reasons Crypto’s Bull Market Is Coming

    Capital from dying token projects and an inflationary environment provide conditions for crypto's march towards a $1 trillion market cap. Go to Source

    Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough on Stagflation, Bitcoin and the Devalued Dollar

    One of the realest people in financial media joins for a conversation about where the economy really is and where it’s headed. Go to Source

    NASDAQ-Listed MicroStrategy, Wary of Looming Dollar Inflation, Turns to Bitcoin and Gold

    “If you have large dollar values and you're hoping for any kind of return on them, that's faded,” said CEO Michael Saylor. “Gold, silver,...

    ETH Lite: Reflexer Labs Raises $1.7M to Build a Somewhat-Stable Coin for DeFi

    Reflexer Labs, a new decentralized finance project aimed at softening volatility, has closed a $1.68 million seed round led by Paradigm. Go to Source

    17-Year-Old Pleads Not Guilty to Twitter Hack as Defense Tries to Lower Bail From $725K

    The 17-year-old charged with being the mastermind behind July's Twitter hack has pleaded not guilty; the defense says bail posted is "grossly inappropriate" to...

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