Money Reimagined: Tucker Carlson Is Right About Financial Privacy

    Say what you will about the Fox News host, but he deserves credit for highlighting Bank of America’s transaction snooping, writes Marc Hochstein. Go to...

    The Business of Art and How NFTs Will Change It, With Nanne Dekking

    With big brands like Christie’s auction house and the National Basketball Association getting involved and some tokens already selling for six-figure sums, the question...

    Why Everyone Wants an Invite to Clubhouse Crypto

    The 11-month old audio app is the latest vector for crypto adoption – memes and all. Here's why everyone wants in. Go to Source

    Bitcoin Is Worth $1T and OKCoin Delists BCH and BSV

    Bitcoin, now worth more than most U.S. corporations, first reached "dollar parity" 10 years ago. Go to Source

    Bitcoin News Roundup for Feb. 18, 2021

    With the both of the top two cryptocurrencies setting new record high prices plus a look at what dogecoin says about our world, CoinDesk’s...

    BitPay to Pay $500K to Settle OFAC Sanction Violation Charges

    BitPay is accused of facilitating over 2,100 transactions with individuals in sanctioned nations. Go to Source

    What Happens if All Stablecoin Users Have to Be Identified?

    If the U.S. reins in pseudonymity in stablecoin transactions (as seems possible) there could be big implications for the crypto industry, says our columnist. Go...

    Nvidia Redesigns Graphics Cards to Limit Their Use in Ethereum Mining

    Nvidia is also launching Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMP) specifically for Ethereum miners. Go to Source

    Bill Gates Says He’s ‘Neutral’ on Bitcoin

    Gates has previously criticized cryptocurrencies and said he'd short bitcoin "if there was an easy way to do it." Go to Source

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