Binance Suffers Crippling Lag, Angry Crypto Traders Lose Thousands

By CCN: Binance users experienced extreme lag this morning, specifically with trade settlement and balance syncing. CEO Changpeng Zhao confirmed the issue on Twitter...

Incredible! Disney Might Disrupt Netflix Straight Out of Business: Forbes

By CCN: Forbes writer Stephen McBride believes that Netflix’s days are numbered. Disney+ will soon be entering the already-crowded streaming market, and Netflix will...

It’s Bitcoin Pizza Day: Here’s How You Can Buy a Pie with Crypto

By CCN: Nine years ago today, Laszlo Hanyecz, an early adopter of Bitcoin, offered 10,000 BTC for two pizzas. He was taken up on...

Crypto Bull Brian Kelly: Bitcoin Miners are Hoarding, Demand Is Rising

By CCN: Now that the bitcoin price is holding at the $8,000 level, investors are anxiously awaiting what comes next. Bitcoin’s value has expanded...

Alarming! Tesla’s Stock Crashes as Wall Street Predicts Armageddon

By CCN: Tesla’s stock is down another 6% today, the sixth consecutive session TSLA shares have fallen. It is now down 40% year-to-date. Tesla...

Japan Targets Bitcoin Exchanges for Money Laundering as G20 Looms

By CCN: Japan’s financial regulators are considering enacting new rules aimed at bitcoin exchanges as it steps up anti-money laundering countermeasures. This issue will...

Jussie Smollett Haunted by Scandal as Ex-Judge Targets Fallen Empire Star

By CCN: Oh, Jussie Smollett. Once again you are back in the headlines. If it’s fame you wanted, you certainly got it, but it’s...

Ice-T Trashes Amazon After Delivery Almost Ends in Tragic Shooting

By CCN: Musician, rapper, songwriter, actor, record producer, and author Ice-T fired off a savage tweet at Amazon, not-so-kindly suggesting that Amazon delivery people...

Bitcoin Price Roars Loud But Could Quickly Unravel to 30% Plunge: Analyst

By CCN: Josh Rager, a cryptocurrency trader and technical analyst, expects a healthy pullback for bitcoin based on the historical performance of the asset...

Dow Slices Triple-Digit Loss as Deflated Fed Hawks Suffer Brutal Defeat

By CCN: The Dow and broader U.S. stock market pared losses Wednesday after the minutes of the latest Federal Reserve policy meeting seemed to...
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