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    How I Sold My First Collectible NFT

    A Narrative on the Beginning of My Journey in the NFT World Continue reading on Medium » Go to Source

    Charles Hoskinson hits back after Ethereum influencer calls Cardano a “scam”

    In a tweet today, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson fired back in response to claims by David Hoffman that Cardano is a “scam.” He said... and Pundi X Labs collaborate to bring NFTs to innovative new comic book series

    In recent months, Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have taken the art world by storm. With its ability to certify a digital asset as unique… Continue...

    DeFi for Bitcoin returns to growth after a December lull

    Dependent on suboptimal wrapping solutions and few trusted lending/borrowing protocols, other solutions are emerging Continue reading on Technicity » Go to Source

    Ethereum Gains Pace While Bitcoin and Altcoins Struggle

    After a failed attempt above USD 55,500, bitcoin price started a fresh decline. BTC broke the USD 55,000 support level and is currently (03:20...

    Data shows institutional demand for Ethereum surged despite the recent crash

    Ethereum (ETH) saw one of the most severe flash crashes that it has seen since the beginning of the year. The second-largest cryptocurrency by...

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