Monthly Archives: August, 2021

    Hoskinson: These are the circumstances in which Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL) will collaborate

    Big moves from Solana have thrust it into the crypto limelight. Year-to-date gains come in at a whopping +6,100%, with a significant proportion of...

    What Is 51% Attacks In Cryptocurrency & How does it work?

    Understanding the 51 % attack in the blockchain world Continue reading on CryptoWise » Go to Source

    European Commission Exploring Asset Register Option That May Include Crypto

    Within the EU’s war against money laundering (AML) and tax evasion, the European Commission (EC) is eyeing a European Union Asset Registry, and has...

    US: A historic gold investor is now buying Bitcoin (BTC)

    Texas-based investment management firm US Global Investors has bought significant exposure to Bitcoin by investing in Grayscale funds. According to a filing to the US...


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