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    Tether is a Lie: The Unstable Coin

    Founded by swindlers & convicted sex offenders. No longer backed by real dollars Continue reading on Project Shekel » Go to Source

    Fooled by Certainty

    A short counter of Taleb’s Bitcoin analysis. Continue reading on Medium » Go to Source

    How To Lose Your Shirt Trading Crypto With Leverage

    DeFi isn’t all rainbows and money printers Continue reading on Coinmonks » Go to Source

    Legends: The Premium NFT Minting Platform

    Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by NFTs have emerged as one of the novel concepts that has...

    This Marriage Got Me Hot for NFTs.

    So cute, I just had to go down that rabbit hole. Continue reading on ILLUMINATION » Go to Source

    Is the Chinese Cryptocurrency Mining Ban Bad for Bitcoin?

    Recently, the Chinese government has doubled down on their stance on cryptocurrencies, and have said that they plan to “crack down on… Continue reading on...

    Central Bank of Portugal awards first licenses to local crypto exchanges

    Banco de Portugal, the country’s central bank, issued operational licenses to two local crypto exchanges for the first time ever, a notice on the...

    China’s Central Bank Cracks Down On Crypto Trading

    Source: iStock/杨培培 Today, the People’s Bank of China said that major banks and payment institutions promised they will not engage in crypto-related activities following a...


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