Monthly Archives: June, 2021

    Market Data For 8000 Cryptocurrencies, At Your Fingertips

    Introducing geckor, an R package to query the CoinGecko API Continue reading on Towards Data Science » Go to Source

    Bitcoin proponent Max Keiser sticks with $220,000 BTC price prediction by 2022

    Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser said his price target for this year remains at $220,000, despite the FUD that has crept in over the past...

    Polish Miner Uses Solar Panels to Mine Bitcoin, Heat His House

    Seeking to reduce the carbon footprint of his Bitcoin (BTC) mining operations, as well as cut his electricity bill, Paweł Wojciechowski has reached for...

    Crypto mindsets, ETH 2.0, and solving real-world issues with Sandra Ro

    Sandra Ro is CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council, serving the council and crypto community to foster education and build bridges across enterprises,...

    Contract signed: FCL to list on Bitfinex

    Once their planned trading engine upgrade is successfully completed and tested, FCL will be listed on Bitfinex in July 2021 Continue reading on Fractal » Go...


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