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    The Near-future of Digital Currency

    Will governments offer a superior alternative to global digital cryptocurrencies? Continue reading on Medium » Go to Source

    DOGEBEAR holder Barry Silbert says Dogecoin is ‘going back to sub $1 billion’

    Barry Silbert isn’t holding back in saying how he feels about Dogecoin. In several tweets earlier today, the founder of crypto conglomerate Digital Currency...

    Irish Central Bank official says cryptos like Bitcoin are a ‘great concern’

    Derville Rowland, Ireland Central Bank’s Director-General for Financial Conduct, said in an interview with Bloomberg today that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are “of great...

    Crypto Regulation News: Biden administration is reportedly reviewing ‘gaps’ in crypto regulation…

    Vol. 69, 17th May — 31st May Continue reading on Paradigm » Go to Source

    Newsletter #5 Passive income with Crypto

    Each week I will try to share my experiences in the crypto world. I am trying to earn some passive income with it, especially...

    Capitulation Edition

    Why MMT experts think Bitcoin is not a bubble, Bitcoin’s latest crash summary and the most important headlines from the last two weeks in… Continue...

    Trading Market Non-Correlation

    Identifying crypto markets that don’t follow the same pattern… Continue reading on Coinmonks » Go to Source


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