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    Bring Your Own Wallet: The Future of Consumer Choice and Personalization on the Internet

    Consumer Applications of Crypto | Part 1Continue reading on Medium » Go to Source

    Data shows miners are “accumulating” as Bitcoin falls to $44,000

    Bitcoin markets saw a drastic correction over the last week which carried over to the weekend. But data shows miners are buying. Miners buying Data on...

    For Bitcoin Latecomers — You Can’t Change the Past, but You Can Act Now To Change Your Future

    Focus on Bitcoin potential for the future.Continue reading on In Bitcoin We Trust » Go to Source

    Cardano: The New Kid on the Crypto Block?

    #1 and #2 are unchallenged, but will Cardano be the next disruptive cryptocurrency?Continue reading on Coinmonks » Go to Source

    The realistic possibility for sovereign adjustment to bitcoin in context of John F Nash Jr.’s

    If an assumption is made that John F Nash Jr. was Satoshi Nakamoto, with bitcoin an implementation of Nash’s work in bargaining…Continue reading on...

    CryptocurreNYC — Andrew Yang’s Mayoral Bid for New York May Include a New Digital Currency

    The birth of ‘Borough Bucks’ as a stablecoin?Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Go to Source

    TRON Century Mining: 5-in-1 Mining

    Maximize Earnings with TRON Century Mining; Stake 1 Token for 5 Tokens In Return!Continue reading on Medium » Go to Source

    Latest Ethereum DeFi exploit sees $14 million stolen from ‘Furucombo’

    DeFi exploits and attacks have become increasingly commonplace as the space evolves and attracts both money and participants. The latest of these attacks took...


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