Monthly Archives: December, 2020

    US Citizens Would Have to Disclose Offshore Crypto Holdings of $10K+ Under FinCEN Proposal

    The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network wants U.S. persons who hold crypto in offshore accounts to report holdings over $10,000. Go to Source

    Bitcoin took off in the year 2020

    The premier digital asset saw its price climb to all-time highs — closing the year just shy of $30KContinue reading on Technicity » Go to Source

    Market Wrap: Bitcoin Closes 2020 Near Record Highs

    Bitcoin nearly triples its price in 2020 and ends the year close to $29,000, but ether gained 450%. Go to Source

    The Most Important Bitcoin Infrastructure Developments of 2020, feat. Alyse Killeen

    A look at privacy and infrastructure advances that will shape the bitcoin ecosystem in the years to come. Go to Source

    Colombian Watchdog Says Companies Can Convert Capital to Bitcoin

    Big American companies like MicroStrategy have made the headlines this year with their bitcoin (BTC)-buying policies, but companies in Colombia may be set to...

    Crypto Dollars and CBDCs: The Battle to Come

    The future of money will be a tussle between algorythmic and fiat-pegged stablecoins and central bank digital currency experiments. Go to Source

    What Is a Satoshi?

    On today's holiday episode of Markets Daily, we take a look at the term "satoshi," its origin, what it means and why it matters. Go...


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